Ritual Smudge Set
Ritual Smudge Set
Ritual Smudge Set

Ritual Smudge Set

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Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, Sage

Introducing our Ritual Smudge Set, which features a powerful combination of natural herbs and woods to help you clear your home or workspace. This set includes a hand-gathered Sweetgrass braid from Canada, Californian Sage smudge, and Peruvian XL Palo Santo stick, all sustainably sourced and harvested. But that's not all - we are also including a 10ml bottle of Palo Santo Sacred Scents to add to your daily ritual.

Our Ritual Smudge Set is perfect for house and space clearing, as well as encouraging a positive energy flow in your environment. It has become one of our favorite ritual sets, as it is so effective for promoting a sense of calm and peace. Take control of the energy in your space and bring a sense of clarity and intention into your daily life with this Ritual Smudge Set. Order yours now online and experience the difference today!

Sweetgrass Braid (Hand Gathered Canada)
Californian Sage Smudge (Hand Gathered USA)
Peruvian XL Palo Santo Stick (Sustainably Sourced)
10ml Palo Santo Sacred Scents, Natura