Consciousness Organic Herbal Tea

Consciousness Organic Herbal Tea

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Consciousness- One’s Soul

Part of the Mind, Body, Soul Herbal Tea Collection

Soul - #3

Allow your healing journey to begin from within with our Ritual Tea Atelier. With the combination of herbal and Ayurvedic teas, you’ll open your third eye with every sip. Embrace an abundance of magnifying power through the stillness and comfort that pouring yourself a cup consists of. Tea is one of our oldest self-care rituals, allowing the mind and body to rest and reset for the day or evening at hand. With these all-natural flavors, relax and welcome wisdom right from the earth. 

Notes: Calming Chamomile and Aromatic Lavender

Loose Leaf Brewing Instructions: Start with cold water and bring water to a boil. Add sachet filled with herbs. For iced herbal infusions, Pour hot water over herbs and steep 4-6 minutes. Remove or strain herbs and enjoy! The herbs we offer are naturally caffeine free.

• Heat water to a boil on stove

• Pour in cup over teabag and let steep for 5 minutes

• Enjoy hot or cold over ice