Bohemian Dust - Moroccaan Rose and Palo Santo
Bohemian Dust - Moroccaan Rose and Palo Santo

Bohemian Dust - Moroccaan Rose and Palo Santo

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Our Bohemian Dust Aromatic Loose incense in Moroccaan Rose and Palo Santo is heart opening, grounding and especially helpful when we are feeling disconnected or uninspired, reminding us we are home wherever we are.

Moroccaan Rose petals, Palo Santo

Loose Incense Blend

This blend helps create a space for tending to your inner fire. Intentionally created to assist you in meditation, self-reflection, and while setting intentions. Like gentle music to soothe the heart.

  • Packaged by volume in 2 oz  glass jar
  • Contains enough incense for 15 -20 smolders on charcoal.
  • A small amount goes a long way!
  • Handmade in single batches with love, joy and intention, and responsibly and ethically sourced plant material. There’s no perfumes or fragrances added. Please use mindfully to preserve this natural medicine.


To be burned with intention using an incense burner / heat proof dish over charcoal. 

Burning Bohemian Dust loose incense is a unique experience. The endless combinations in every pinch you place onto the hot charcoal makes for a dynamic aromatic experience, as the proportion of herbs and resins in each pinch will be slightly different from the one that burned before.  

Handmade with love

Burning loose incense Rose and Palo Santo During ancient times, our ancestors and cultures all over the world burned sacred plants and their resins into smoke to promote healing. When inhaled, the scent stimulates our nervous system and moves us into a state of relaxation, evoking a sense of calm and nostalgia as if you have already experienced its magic. These plants are powerful allies gifted to humanity and should be used mindfully to preserve their medicine. They may help you through difficult life experiences, evoke calm, or clear negative energy from spaces when we need it most.


Made with Cultivated Wildcrafted Palo Santo, and Moroccaan Rose Petal


Magical: Immortality, Wisdom, Protection, Love, Purification

In each of our loose incense you will find a small cube of Pyrite to heighten the energy of our Bohemian Dust Loose Incense.

At its heart, Pyrite is all about protection. It’s a stone that wants to shield and protect its wearer in every way possible. Whether keeping you safe from emotional vamps or protecting you from psychic attacks, cutting through negative vibrations, clearing EMF smog or simply stopping those toxic thought patterns from running through your head, Pyrite is ever eager to keep you pure. When we are able to free ourselves of those toxic ties, we find that life loses its facades and we are able to see straight through to the truth and live in sweet authenticity.