8 “ Mother of Platinum, Ocean Gold Rim (F+20) Alchemy Crystal Bowl

8 “ Mother of Platinum, Ocean Gold Rim (F+20) Alchemy Crystal Bowl

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Throat Chakra

Mother of Platinum - [Divine Mother]

A natural fusion of pure quartz and platinum that creates a mother-of-pearl essence and opalescent finish and carries an energy of Venus, the matriarchal goddess of love. Microscopic bubbles added to the quartz produce a pastel elegance with a nurturing vibration of water elementals. The beautiful and spherical completeness of pearls represents an ever-present fullness of Spirit. Powerful and effective in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort.

Ocean Gold - [Dolphin Essence]

The Ocean 24K Gold Bowl combines a Neptunian pearl-like waveform with bubbly, playful dolphin pod energies that encourage loving communication. This bowl can enhance the immune system and activate the thymus gland. The "We Are One" throat chakra knowing promotes shared leadership and teamwork. Yang frequencies of gold and water elementals create love, balance, self-realisation and attunement with nature's healing forces. The communicative, happy frequencies of our cetacean friends are the essence of the Ocean 24K Gold Bowl - a remarkable sonic tool for mastering the art of flow.

Bowl Tips: With alchemy bowls, always remember to lightly chime your bowl for aligning and clearing energy. When playing in the hand, try bringing the bowl to the mallet. Listen for the 'Sweet Spot ® on your bowl, roughly one fourth of the way down the side of the bowl. Remember, your intention is amplified through the bowl, so positive thoughts, conscious breathing, and even matching the bowl tones with your voice will help in healing by activating your own inner crystal frequency.

Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring for the bowl to rest on and a suede-covered mallet.

These bowls are available for sale, not through the website, but by contacting

House of Juella's directly.


 All our bowls are genuine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ made by Crystal Tones®. Made with the highest quality (over 99.99% pure) quartz crystal, they are blended with other elements including precious gems and minerals. Every bowl is unique and possesses an authentic quality of living presence derived from a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This technology produces a stable crystalline matrix structure in every bowl. Thus the bowls produce the purest sound, and are visually captivating works of art.