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Journey with Julia Jovone

Enhancing your mind, body and spirit

Julia Jovone

Intuitive Reiki Master, Sacred Shaman Priestess,Women's Grace , Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Leader, Julia Jovone founded Julia Jovone Studio in 2015 in Los Angeles, California which offers full service Reiki Sessions, energy healing and spiritual life coaching to clients globally.

As a woman of faith, Julia, like many woman wear many hats. "it is very important to teach other women the importance of self-care, healing and getting to know your highest self," according to Jovone. She represents an underrepresented number of black women pioneering the practice of healing across the globe. Her personal mission is to continue to educate and empower women. As a Reiki Teacher, she empowers upcoming practitioners by teaching Reiki first, second and third degree levels. 

Julia teaches that as humans, we must take care of the inside of our bodies in order for the outside to glow. Working with her clients to create a new mind state forming new habits and integrate stronger beliefs that are perfectly designed to take you where we want to be.

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