African Artisans Artistry

African Artisans Artistry

Luxury. Heritage. Iconic Design.

Introducing The Afrikan Artisans Artistry Tribe! Our tribe is a group of skilled artisans, led by Julia Jovone of House of Juella’s. 
The House of Good Spirits.

We specialize in Afrikan art, sculptures, furniture, and home decor. With every purchase from our curated collection, you are not only adding beauty to your space, but also giving back to our community of artisans in their village in Afrika. Our founder, Julia Jovone has carefully hand-picked each piece to ensure authenticity, creativity, and cultural significance. Our offerings invite you to experience a wide array of creative journeys, down to earth and authentic, with Afrikan art that refreshes and inspires. There's nothing quite like having a unique piece of Afrikan art in your home, office, or sacred space. So, take a journey with us and discover the grandest of feelings through our artistry. Experience the African culture, immerse yourself in stunning design, and know that through each purchase, you're making a lasting impact in the lives of our amazing artisans. Browse our collection and imagine the possibilities.

Join us in a glorious tribute to the rich heritage and stunning artistry of Afrika's masterful artisans!
Savor the luxurious blend of iconic design and exquisitely natural materials, each piece passionately crafted in the mold of inspired inspiration.

From vibrant shape and complex artistry to the enthralling fusion of Afrikan culture and with nature's finest elements, the result is a stunning statement of effortless elegance that radiates sophistication.

Marvel at our meticulously curated collection featuring the most iconic and legendary artisans of our age. Every detail has been carefully crafted with a keen attention to exceptional design, a labor of love that infuses even the smallest embellishment with a legacy of unmatched creativity.

Join us and take a closer look at a gallery of divine design that transcends boundaries and celebrates African heritage like never before. Let us inspire you with our masterpieces, each a testament to the enduring beauty and impact of Africa's arts and crafts!

Made to order furniture: 
Africa is a continent that is rich in culture and traditions, and its artisans are a testament to this. Their creativity and craftsmanship are unparalleled, and they produce some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of furniture you will ever see. The love and passion that they put into their work is evident in every piece that they create.

Our made-to-order furniture is reflective of the extensive travels we have undergone in Africa, and is all created in collaboration with artisans there. We work closely with these artisans to design pieces that capture the essence of Afrikan culture and bring the tranquility and harmony found in nature to your home.

Our bespoke furniture is not just beautiful, but it is also functional and durable. Each piece is crafted from a blend of natural materials that have been ethically sourced, resulting in furniture that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

We understand the importance of having a home that reflects your personality and style, and our made-to-order furniture allows you to create a space that is uniquely yours. From the intricate detailing on our coffee tables to the sleek, modern designs of our chairs, you are sure to find a piece that resonates with your taste and aesthetic.

By choosing our made-to-order furniture, you are not only investing in a piece that will last a lifetime, but you are also supporting the artisans who pour their heart and soul into creating these beautiful pieces. With our bespoke furniture, you can bring a piece of Africa into your home and embrace the beauty and heritage of this incredible continent.

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